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AIRDROPT POT – How to BOOST Moonpot’s TVL 

In DeFi, TVL is a fundamental indicator to judge the credibility and performance of a protocol.

TVL is also intrinsically linked to revenue but not always.

For example, protocols like Beefy and Moonpot that charge a commission on yield will make more money on a vault with a high APY and a small TVL than a vault with a large TVL but a small APY.

HOWEVER, vaults with a high TVL allow to inflate the TVL of a protocol, which ultimately allows the protocol to boost its credibility and gain visibility on ranking platforms (like Defilama for example).

Moonpot must expand its product offering to allow Cadets to stake value (so that revenues and TVL increase)

The Airdrops pots

Airdrops pots have the advantage of being easy to deploy and requiring no development since they are based entirely on Beefy vaults.

The idea is the following:

Huge numbers of Beefy vaults are put on Moonpot in the form of a pot. Cadets stake into it.

The addresses of the wallets staking in these Airdrop pots are then collected by Moonpot who then perform a draw. The winnings are then made in the form of airdrop.

These Airdrop pots are the perfect opportunity to « gamify » yield farming without constraints.

This airdrop lottery would be common. (all addresses participating in the Airdrop pots would play in a common draw).

– The financing of the lots would use Beefy’s distribution and not Moonpot’s. A small percentage would be used to fund the airdrops. Since it would be common, that would not require a huge fees. Small part of the fees would go to Ziggy pot.

– The goal of these airdrops pots is to pay a lot of players, so small winnings but a lot of winners.

BENEFITS of airdrops pots 

– Uses a perfect synergy between Moonpot and Beefy

– Perfect in the Win-Win and gamefi spirit of Moonpot

– Attract many players since all Beefy vaults can be used

– Allows to increase the TVL of Moonpot drastically

– Allows to play on Moonpot with many more tokens since Airdrop pots can use a lot of Beefy vaults.

– Doesn’t require heavy technical development since the airdrops only need the addresses of the wallets placed in the different vaults.

– Allows the establishment of a common pot, to create a common rendez-vous for the whole DeFi

– Allows a multichain launch of all chains present on Beefy independently of VRF or VRF-like present on all chains

DISADVANTAGES of Airdrop pots

Need to ensure that the draw can be « verified » and trusted but there are probably plenty of solutions.

No other disadvantages.

Of course this is a theoretical proposal that can be adjusted at various levels but it is an easy to implement solution that boosts the visibility of Beefy and Moonpot, boosts the TVL of Moonpot and makes Moonpot more popular because more tokens can be used.