Green Light Digital Acquires Bizz Social Messaging App


Oct 11


Orlando, October 3, 2019

Green Light Digital, a Florida-based blockchain marketing agency, has acquired from Footprint Media Holdings Bizz, the social messaging platform launched earlier this year on both Apple and Google’s app stores. Dennis H. Lewis will become the CEO for the project which plans to create a worldwide participatory economy with the messaging app at its center.

“We believe that people are fed up with being the products that are sold at auction by the big social networks. With Bizz, we will be rolling out the world’s first truly participatory online economy. Social networks couldn’t exist without their users, so it’s only fair that they too participate in the rewards,” explained Lewis. “Smiles, opinions and heartfelt words are valuable, and the people who share them deserve to benefit from their participation. Why should an elite few like Mark Zuckerberg reap all the profits?”

Over the next few weeks, Green Light Digital will be announcing its plans for the future of Bizz, the listing of its SPS token and its vision for this new participatory economy. “We are thrilled with the vision that Dennis brings to the project, and can’t wait to see Bizz flourish under his direction,” stated Eric Klein, CEO of Footprint Media Holdings. “We will always be a willing collaborator and are fully confident that there’s a bright future ahead for both the app and its users.”

About Bizz
Bizz is a next-generation social messaging service that acts as an all-in-one digital ecosphere, bringing businesses, government agencies, friends and families together from all over the world to a fully-immersive social platform. Discover for yourself just how innovative Bizz is by downloading the app from Google Play or the iTunes App Store.

About Green Light Digital
Green Light Digital is a full-service blockchain marketing agency specializing in helping blockchain start-ups succeed in the competitive, fast-paced cryptocurrency landscape. Along with helping start-ups prepare for upcoming ICOs, Green Light Digital also assists with bounty campaigns and airdrop campaigns, token distributions, and more.