People Aren’t Products


Oct 24

A clever businessman once said, “if you’re in a meeting and don’t know who the sucker is, look in the mirror.”

Guess what?

When is the last time that Mark Zuckerberg sent you a check? When is the last time that Twitter deposited money into your bank account?

Every time you log in to a major social network, you are the product that’s being sold!

Facebook has built the most sophisticated advertising engine ever created and its sole purpose is to auction off the eyeballs of its users at the highest price. They mercilessly track your behavior, scrutinize every click, pause and like and then employ incredible AI algorithms to develop the most accurate psychological profile they can.

Then they take this massive data store and exploit it to satisfy the voracious appetites of their global advertisers.

These are not opinions – just facts.

At Bizz we have an alternative vision for the future.

We understand that your time, attention and the content you create is valuable. Every photo you share. Every opinion you express. Every group you join or leave is a precious asset that you deserve to benefit from.

We are not against responsible marketing. We do not believe that advertising is inherently evil. We are not starry-eyed teenagers who live in a fairy tale.

Instead, we believe the world is ready for a new paradigm.

The time has come for a truly participative economy that benefits everyone involved. Those precious assets that you bring to the table deserve to be rewarded. They should help pay your rent and help put food on the table for your children.

And that’s the mission we’ve set for ourselves.

And to get started, we have decided to publish the following 6 point advertising manifesto:

  1. We will not track your behavior.
  2. We will not try to read your mind.
  3. We will not sell your information to third parties.
  4. We will not consider our users as products to be sold.
  5. We will not help anyone invade your privacy.
  6. We will not knowingly assist anyone who intentionally spreads lies.
  7. We will build an online ecosystem that helps reduce inequality and injustice.

Social media and realtime messaging are not going away. People love to communicate and we enthusiastically believe that social platforms can contribute in a positive way to human progress.

However, we think that the first wave of social media applications (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin…) have failed to live up to this promise. They have sold out the minds and souls of their users as if they were cattle being lead to the slaughterhouse.

The time is right for a new platform that not only respects its users, but that understands that our users’ prosperity and growth can only help increase our success in the market.

It’s not going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it.

Welcome to the Bizzonomy!

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