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Moonpot : The Treasury Pot

The idea of the treasury pot is as follows: Part of Moonpot’s treasury would be in stablecoins. For example, BUSD/USDT or UST (to relate to the potential partnership with Terra).

These stablecoins would be stored in a Beefy vault. The APY generated would then be returned to the Ziggy pot, notably to feed the lottery prize.

This treasury pot would have several advantages:

– It would maintain an appeal for the Ziggy pot, regardless of the revenues generated by the platform, which can vary greatly depending on the vagaries of the market

– It would increase the value of the overall Moonpot TVL, which is a reassuring indicator of growth

– A treasury pot would allow/facilitate the implementation of several financing mechanisms

How to finance the Treasury pot?

 Obviously, Moonpot needs to keep a strategic part of its treasury in order to continue the development of the platform (partnerships, fees, investment)

At the moment, Moonpot’s treasury is made up of the initial sale of POTS during the IDO and the income from some of the pots on Moonpot (not all the pots contribute to Moonpot’s treasury).

In order to set up the treasury pot, we need to think about potential sources of funding.

Here are some ideas:

1/ The sale of physical merchandise with the effigy of Moonpot

Offer the possibility to cadets to buy goodies via a Moonpot store. T-shirts, key chains, hard wallets, etc. with the Moonpot logo, Ziggy.

Cadets would have the opportunity to purchase products from a project they like and also directly support the treasury pot from which they will directly benefit since the profits would be used to finance this pot whose yield would then be returned to the Ziggy pot.

2/ The sale of virtual products, like NFT

Moonpot could launch NFT collections in order to allow Cadets to have NFTs to put in their profile picture, for example Twitter.

The NFTs would not necessarily have a « concrete » use other than to show one’s attachment to the project but the profit generated could then finance the treasury pot. We can imagine several collections of NFTs to celebrate an event (end of the year, Beefy’s birthday, Moonpot, Christmas parties), etc.

3/ Sponsoring-Partnership

If a sponsor wants to contribute to Moonpot in exchange of visibility, he could contribute to the treasury pot. This would increase the treasury and benefit the cadets over time as the treasury pot grows.

4/ Other games

We can imagine other kinds of pots, for example pots where we have a chance on 2 to win. The winner takes the yield of the loser over a given period. A part of the yield is taken by Moonpot to feed the treasury pot. The losers, provided they are in the Ziggy pot, would get their « money » back in the form of the yield of the treasury pot which is returned to the Ziggy pot.